2019 “Hicreat Talents” International Entrepreneurship Competition Announcement

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2019 “Hicreat Talents” International Entrepreneurship Competition Announcement

Shangyu is located in the south wing ofHangzhou Bay,It is a frontier position that integrates into the great bay area of Hangzhou Bay, and is also the bridgehead of Shaoxing city. With a regional area of 1,403 square kilometers, it has a state-level development zone, a provincial-level tourist resort, and two provincial-level characteristic towns. It has formed five leading industries of machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, light industrial textiles, lighting appliances, photovoltaic and green energy. There are 16 main-board listed companies, 3 national top 500 private enterprises, and more than 700 enterprises with an annual turnover of over 20 million yuan. In 2018, its’ GDP reached 91.6 billion yuan and fiscal revenue reached 14.125 billion yuan, ranking the 40th among the top 100 regions with comprehensive strength.

In order to help domestic and overseas talents to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true efficiently, Beijing Hicreat Think Tank Technology and Science Service Center integrates global science and technology service resources and jointly holds 2019 “Hicreate Talents” International Entrepreneurship Competition with Shangyu district. By means of “Replace Talents Recruitment with Competition”, it provides participants with comprehensive support and guarantee in terms of policy, industry, capital, space and markets, so as to attract more talents and promote regional innovation and development. Let's work together to create a better future.

Ⅰ. Theme

Aggregating Talents All Around; Growing Business In Shangyu

Ⅱ. Date (All the following are Beijing Time)

Start up in June 2019; the final is in mid-November.

Ⅲ. Organization

a) Guiding Unit

Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Organization Department of Shaoxing Municipal Committee of CPC

b) Hosts

Shangyu District Committee of Shaoxing City

Shangyu District People’s Government

c) Organizer

Talent Work Leading Group Office of Shangyu District Committee

Beijing Hicreat Think Tank Technology and Science Service Center

Shannxi Institute of Advanced OEIC Technologies Co., Ltd

d) Co-organizer

North American Workstation Silicon Valley office of Beijing Hicreat Think Tank

High Tech Talents Association

Ⅳ. Entry Conditions

a) Requirements of Talents: All high-level talents in domestic and abroad are required not more than 50 years old (excellent ones can be liberalized), with domestic doctor degree or overseas master degree or above, with 3 years or above overseas work experience, with good social reputation, no record of criminal or administrative penalty.

b) Profession requirements: A project or team with original innovation ability and achievement transformation ability that is related to electronic information, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet related, high-end equipment manufacturing, metal processing, water treatment, new materials, modern medicine, high-end textile, green chemical industry, energy conservation, environmental protection, semiconductor related industrial fields.

c) The participating projects have independent intellectual property rights or invention patents, and the intellectual property rights (invention patents) are clearly defined. The entries are directly related to intellectual property rights.

d) The core team of the competition is complete in structure, consisting of talents in production management, market development, technology research and development, etc. The overall comprehensive strength is strong; the business model is scientific and reasonable, and the development goals are clear.

e) The team has not yet registered in Shaoxing, and intends to register in Shangyu within 12 months after the competition.

Ⅴ. Schedule and Instructions

a) Arrangements

1. Registration: June to August 2019

2. Launch ceremony & Shanghai city competition (digital economy): July 13th

3. Shenzhen city competition (equipment manufacturing) : August 3rd

4. Xi’an city competition (Semiconductor and intelligent manufacturing): August 10th;

5. Beijing city competition (new material) : August 24th

6. Inspecting Shangyu, communication and due diligence: July to October

7. The final: Mid-November

b) Introductions

1. The participants will send2019 China “Hicreat Talents” International Entrepreneurship Project Declaration Form, the business plan PPT, the relevant project certification and other supporting materials to the mailbox:contest@lianyihui.org

2. Registration deadline

3. Preliminary screening of the project: the team of Hicreat Talents will invite experts in the corresponding fields to review, and the results will be released through the website of the competition in time.

4. From July to October, after each city competition, the selected candidates will be invited to go to Shangyu for inspection (the following referred as “inspection”). Those who do not participate in the inspection will be deemed to automatically abstain from their qualification. Team of Hicreat Talents and the Shangyu District Organization Department provide policy analysis, question answering, and intentional docking services for the participants.

5. City competition: The “8+7” mode is adopted for the on-site road show of city competition (i.e. 8-minute PPT presentation + 7-minute interactive Q&A). The judges are composed of 2 technical experts and 3 investors in the professional field. The finalists will be published on the competition website in mid-October.

6. The final: The “8+10” mode is adopted for the on-site road show of the final (i.e. 8-minute PPT presentation + 10-minute interactive Q&A). The judges group consists of technical experts, senior investors and entrepreneurs in a certain proportion.

Ⅵ. Award and Supporting Policy

a) Award

b) Supporting policy

Those winners in city competitions will be categorized into ABCD 4 levels, based on the quality of the projects. The projects in different level will receive different financial support consequently according to the following table, after business registration in Shangyu, within 12 months after the due diligence.

Supporting Policies for those registered in Shangyu:

l Office spaces: 3 years free of charge;

l Rental of workshop for pilot test: subsidy for partial rental;

l Loan interests discount: 100% discount of base rates interests within the 10 M CNY loan amount for 2 years;

l Other discounts: for sales, R&D, taxes, house-purchase, renting, school enrollment for children, recuperate or rehabilitate;

c) Transportation subsidy

Ⅶ. Supplements

a) No fees will be charged to the participants.

b) Participants are not allowed to violate the rules of the competition. The submitted materials related to the entrepreneurial projects are not allowed to be plagiarized, misappropriated or other illegal phenomena. Once found, the applicants will be disqualified from applying and funding, and the funded funds will be recovered. In case of any legal disputes concerning the property rights of the participating projects, all the responsibilities shall be borne by the participants themselves.

c) The application materials will only be used for project review, and the city competitions and the final will be opened to the public.

d) Participants attend the competition on a voluntary basis. If there is any objection to the competition, competitors may contact the committee in time or choose to withdraw from the competition, but they are not entitled to change the rules of the competition or compensate for any expenses incurred due to the competition.

e) If any force majeure factor happens, the organizer has the right to adjust or terminate the competition accordingly.

f) The organizing committee reserves the right to further supplement the rules of the competition and the final interpretation. Matters not covered herein shall be notified separately.

g) Registration consultation:

For Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing city competitions

Mr. Li Hao



WeChat: 15810940927

For Xi’an city competition

Mr. Linjian Zhou


Email: linjian.zhou@chinaoeic.com

The Competition Organizing Committee of

2019 “Hicreat Talents” International Entrepreneurship Competition

June 10, 2019

2019 China “Hicreat Talents” International Entrepreneurship Project Declaration Form